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Summer has arrived bringing with it all the delicious summer veggies.  Right now we have an abundance of corn, tomatoes, beets, Swiss chard, eggplant , peppers and kale.

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Sprout Farm Newsletter           Oct. 10, 2019        www.sproutfarm.net

Good Morning Everyone,

We are open and we have more varieties of apples than ever and we expect to have corn through the weekend.  One of the new apples is Wolf River.  These huge apples weigh between one and one and a half pounds and are one of the best apples for baked apples.  We still have Macoun and Honey Crisp apples.   To extend the shelf life of apples remember to refrigerate them when you bring them home.  Our apples are displayed from 9-5 but at closing time, they all go back into the walk-in cooler.  We’re still harvesting kale, potatoes, and lettuce. The broccoli is still growing but it is not ready yet.

I have started to peal butternut squash.  This is good news for people who don’t like the chore but do like the squash.  It is sold by the pound in 1 quart zip lock bags. Winter squash is a favorite food for deer.  Farmers collect whole bins of damaged squash to get it out of the fields but they can’t sell any of it.  If you peal squash you notice an astringent liquid under the skin.  This is the first line of defense to help the squash heal itself after the skin has been broken.  Get a little of that liquid on your hands while you peal squash and you will find out what ‘dry hands’ means.  .  I use disposable gloves to keep my hands soft.

Fall chores aren’t so bad if we do them a little at a time.  Here’s another site that has a long but thoughtful list. https://awaytogarden.com/october-garden-chores-2/ I’m including it because they mention how important it is to set up your winter bird feeders so birds are directed away from windows.  Bird strikes on windows account for an amazing number of bird deaths in this country.  We love to feed birds but our cats think that bird feeders are a call for supper.  The kittens were quick to catch a mouse last night.  Unfortunately it was in our house and between them chasing it and playing with it; our bed time was delayed by an hour.  Our adult cats were not interested in chasing the rodent at all.  Between the cat door and the dog door in the basement we are accustomed to these unwanted visitors and cheer on the predators.  They ignore my advice to ‘eat out.’

Last week I noticed that my favorite phone number look up site is now requiring payment.  The public utility used to provide residential phone books. Now they only provide business phone numbers.  The last site to offer free phone numbers for land-lines is: https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/  I hope this helps.

Check out your local garden clubs for their winter programs.  It’s a great time to meet new garden friends.

Stop by and see us.

Jay and Phyllis Sprout


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